Strategic Training Concepts
Established 2005

STC will conduct a complete review of the security department and a security risk assessment of the facility.

To include:

  • Review site plans, building layouts, previous risk assessment reports, safety/security policies and standard operating procedures.
  • Work with Security and Safety Management to identify appropriate people to interview to identify risks (if any)throughout the facility. The length of each interview should range between 20-30 minutes.
  • Conduct a tour of the facility to identify risk areas. STC will conduct site visits during various times and days of the week, including weekends, to focus on areas we identify as high risk. Additionally, during these visits we will identify employee behaviors that may compromise the safety and security of the facility.
  • Review the effectiveness of the current security technology systems.
  • Review current Security training, including employee de-escalation/safety training to evaluate effectiveness. Identify training needs, incorporate existing training and offer cost effective solutions to further training goals.
  • Evaluate long term training to maintain compliance and utilize resources at maximum efficiency.
  • Review staffing levels, by shift, to evaluate effectiveness.
  • Identify Joint Commission, OSHA and State mandated regulations to ensure compliance.
  • Review procedures for record keeping and necessary documentation.
  • Evaluate current effectiveness of life safety and fire safety issues
  • Prepare a report of your current critical assets, an analysis of potential threats, vulnerabilities and risks, reported incidents of employee behavior that may compromise the safety/security of the facility, recommendations to reduce any identified risks.
  • Present our findings and recommendations.

STC can also provide assessments, surveys and analysis for Emergency Action Plans, Emergency Response Plans, Continuity of Operation Plans and other essential planning critical to your facility. STC will identify and train staff to work effectively with plans. Incorporate Incident Command System and National Incident Management System to ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local requirements. STC will provide the tools and/or facilitate the review and exercise of the plans to ensure compliance. STC will review and provide updates to Standard Operating Procedures, as well as, Rules and Regulations. STC will provide the plan, recommend action, facilitate response and mitigation efforts to become/maintain compliance. STC can facilitate coordination with local, county, state and other identified agencies to work with your facility implementing the EAP/ERP/COOP.


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