Strategic Training Concepts
Established 2005


The interventions provided from programs, such as the one from Strategic Training, may keep the bully of today from becoming the batterer of tomorrow.

(Dr. Tracey Adams)


In addition, the research has shown that bullying can lead to; domestic violence, criminal behavior, drug addiction or early usage, alcohol addiction or early usage, early pregnancy and many other larger social issues that confront us as a country.

The National Association of School Psychologists reported that every day more than 160,000 American school children miss school because they fear being bullied.

Based on the research it appears that early intervention is imperative to disrupting the link between the aggressive behaviors of young adolescents and their subsequent involvement in partner violence.

Staff behavior is the key element in effective behavior interventions.

Consistent staff response to aggression tells young people which behaviors are unacceptable.

Consistent staff reporting is necessary to make discipline effective.


We provide a proven program to staff, parents, students and the community. We have authored a book that provides all the necessary information to effectively deal with bullying, internet safety, strangers, and other issues facing our school children today. We are available for in-service training, PTA meetings, community meetings and other venues, Call for additional valuable information!

STC has been conducting research and participated in grants to show the correlation between bullying behavior and domestic violence.


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